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What is microDisplay X?#

Basler microDisplay X is a tool provided and installed together with the Framegrabber SDK.

The tool allows you to test the overall system set-up and individual applets (and their parameterization options). This helps you implement and use a frame grabber in your own software (via Framegrabber API) and decide which applets you are going to use.

In microDisplay X, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Select an image acquisition applet for testing purposes
  • Run image acquisition using a specific applet
  • Monitor the images and examine individual images in detail
  • Configure an applet to modify acquisition
  • Test various applet configurations
  • Save applet configurations to file (*.mcf) or load applet configuration files
  • Access the GenICam interface of cameras supporting the GenICam standard to do the following:
    • Adjust your camera settings via a graphical user interface
    • Configure the link topology of your vision system
    • Save camera configurations to file (*.txt) or load camera configuration files

Program Overview