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Troubleshooting (Frame Grabber SDK)#

Only First User Can Use the Framegrabber SDK (Only Under Linux)#

When installing the Basler Framegrabber SDK under Linux, after a kernel update, you have to re-build and install the driver again.This is so, because after restarting the computer, only the first user to log in can use the Framegrabber SDK. It isn't possible for another user to use the Framegrabber SDK without either restarting or deleting the following files or folders: /dev/shm/*siso* and /tmp/hapcache_*.

microDisplay X#

Camera isn't Detected#

If the camera isn't detected by microDisplay X, check the following preconditions and adapt if necessary:

  • Is the camera powered?
  • Is the camera ON? (Some cameras offer an on/off switch or button, others don't and are automatically ON when powered.)
  • Is the camera physically connected to the frame grabber's camera ports?

If all these preconditions are met, but the camera is still not detected, disconnect the camera and re-connect it.

The camera should be detected by now in microDisplay X. The detected cameras are marked by a green disk:

microDisplay X: Camera Detected