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Release Notes for Framegrabber SDK 5.11.0#

This section provides the release notes for the Framegrabber SDK version 5.11.0. This is a minor release.

Patch Versions of the Framegrabber SDK Aren't Released Publicly

All changes made in patch versions are included in the following minor or major version of the Framegrabber SDK. The version number scheme for the Framegrabber SDK is as follows: x.y.z

  • First digit (x.): Major version
  • Second digit (y.): Minor version
  • Third digit (z): Patch version

The Framegrabber SDK 5.11 supports all Basler frame grabbers available at the time of the Framegrabber SDK 5.11.0 release (August 2023).

In the following sub-sections, changes and compatibility information are provided: