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Other Tasks (microDiagnostics)#

Re-Sorting Boards#

Each frame grabber in the host computer has a unique board ID. The board ID is used as frame grabber handle in the Framegrabber API.

The board ID is displayed in microDiagnostics:

microDisplay X: Board ID

The numbering doesn't necessarily correspond to the order of the frame grabbers in the computer. You can re-number the board IDs using the option Tools -> Re-Sort Boards in microDiagnostics.

For managing the DMA transfers of multiple frame grabbers in one system, you have the DMA indexes (DmaIndex) available for handling the DMA channels of the individual boards.

You can change the order of the frame grabber boards in your system. To do so, it is enough to assign new Board IDs to the individual frame grabber boards.

To re-sort the frame grabber boards:

  1. From the menu, select Tools -> Re-Sort Boards.
  2. Double-click the Board ID field.
  3. Enter the designated board ID. The designated board ID is displayed in brackets behind the current board ID:

    Designated Board ID

    Do the same for all other boards you want to re-sort. Make sure each ID is used only once. 4. Click the Save button.

    The ID change is logged in the log file:

    Log File ID Change

After restarting microDiagnostics, you see the new order displayed in the frame grabber board listing:

Board Order List

Licensing a Programmable Frame Grabber#

You must license your programmable frame grabber (i.e. marathon VCX-QP, marathon VCL, and marathon VCLx/marathon deepVCL), if:

  • You are using a specific VisualApplets Application for instance 3D-StereoVision, which requires a separate Framegrabber SDK license.
  • You are using a marathon deepVCL frame grabber, but the license for running deep learning applications on the board has been erroneously erased.

You get the license information directly from Basler, or from your your local sales representative/distributor.

To license a frame grabber:

  1. Select the board you want to license.

    Selecting the Board to License

  2. From the menu, select Tools -> License Board.

    License Board

  3. In the dialog that opens, enter the license you received for licensing.

  4. Click Load to write the license information into the according memory on the frame grabber.