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New Features in Runtime 5.9.0#

This section provides information about new features for the Basler Runtime version 5.9.0.

GenTL Producer#

  • The GenTL Producer was newly developed. Refer to the GenTL Interface Documentation for usage instructions.
  • The firmware version of the interface cards can now be queried from the GenTL Producer. In pylon viewer, the firmware version is displayed in the Inferface Information section of the interface features. (Ticket ID: TFS 206576)


  • You can now configure in microDisplayX the number of links to be used by the camera. You can do this in microDisplayX under Cameras -> Connection -> Number of Links. (Ticket ID: TFS 197438)


  • To avoid name clashes between GenICam header files with frame grabber header files, a new function has been implemented. To use this feature, add #define FGRAB_PREVENT_PFNC_NAMECLASHES before any include of fgrab_define.h. Then, the enum entries in fgrab_define.h will be prefixed with FGrab_. (Ticket ID: TFS 198602)