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New Features in Framegrabber SDK 5.11.2#

This section provides information about new features for the Basler Framegrabber SDK version 5.11.2.

imaFlex CXP-12 Quad Support#

The Framegrabber SDK now supports the new programmable frame grabber imaFlex CXP-12 Quad. Framegrabber SDK 5.11.2 also delivers an applet set for imaFlex CXP-12 Quad.

VisualApplets 3.4.0 Support#

The Framegrabber SDK now supports VisualApplets 3.4 including DMAfromPC.


Framegrabber SDK supports the function DmaFromPC. The function DmaFromPC only works for applets that contain the VisualApplets operator DmaFromPC. This operator is available in VisualApplets version 3.4.0 or higher.

Documentation for DmaFromPC is available in topic fglib5.


  • Updated applets for CXP-12 Interface Card 1C/2C/4C and imaWorx CXP-12 Quad:
    • CoaXPress trigger packets updated to CoaXPress 2.1.
    • The parameters FG_CXP_TRIGGER_PACKET_MODE / CxpTriggerPacketMode and FG_TRIGGERCAMERA_OUT_SELECT / TriggerCameraOutSelect became legacy.
  • First delivery of applets for imaFlex CXP-12 Quad. The features are exactly the same as in the applets for imaWorx CXP-12 Quad.