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New Features in Framegrabber SDK 5.10.0#

This section provides information about new features for the Basler Framegrabber SDK version 5.10.0.

microEnable 6 Support#

  • The Framegrabber SDK 5.10.0 now supports both Basler imaWorx CXP-12 Quad and Basler microEnable 5 CameraLink and CXP-6 frame grabbers. Therefore Basler now offers one Framegrabber SDK version that supports all current frame grabbers. (Ticket IDs: 231592 and 238357 )
  • The .NET API examples also work with both imaWorx CXP-12 Quad and microEnable 5 frame grabbers now. (Ticket ID: 249175)
  • The python API examples also work with both imaWorx CXP-12 Quad and microEnable 5 frame grabbers now. (Ticket ID: 249176)


  • In microDiagnostics, a button has been added for rescanning applets. With this new button, you can now update .hap files automatically just like .dll files. The functionality is mostly important for the mE5 when developing applets in VisualApplets. (Ticket ID: 208687)

GenTL Producer#

  • The GenTL interface of the Basler Framegrabber SDK has been improved to comply with the GenICam GenTL 1.5 standard. Basler recommends using the Framegrabber SDK GenTL producer when using third-party libraries, e.g., MVTec HALCON. (Ticket IDs: 231576, 236695, 212794, 241717, and 254061)
  • The Framegrabber SDK now provides a separate GenICam GenTL producer for Camera Link frame grabbers. (Ticket ID: 241934)
  • GenICam GenTL events have been implemented. (Ticket IDs: 217764, 229968, 233813, 236698, 229976, 229968, 250936, 251822 and 251821)
  • The GenICam GenTL interface now supports enumeration parameters with a single entry correctly. (Ticket ID: 233604)
  • The GenICam GenTL producer supports additional XML entries now. (Ticket ID: 229950)

Support for Nvidia GPUDirect for imaWorx CXP-12 Quad#

  • The Framegrabber SDK now supports Nvidia GPUDirect for imaWorx CXP-12 Quad, too. See the documentation for details.(Ticket ID: 231588, 225714, 227104, 255226)

imaWorx CXP-12 Quad Frame Grabber Applets#

  • The imaWorx CXP-12 Quad frame grabber applets for area scan cameras now support buffer overflow handling. (Ticket IDs: 229959, 239400)


  • The Framegrabber SDK documentation and the frame grabber documentation have been migrated and are now included in the Basler Product Documentation. You can now use the search function over all topics. (Ticket IDs: 230700 and 230701)
  • The Framegrabber SDK documentation is now available as offline version via the Help menu in microDisplay X. (Ticket ID: 247804)
  • The Basler Product Documentation has been updated to reflect all changes in Framegrabber SDK 5.10.0. (Ticket ID: 229717)