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Logging Events (microDisplay X)#

You have the option to log events that take place on the frame grabber. This is especially interesting if you want to test the trigger system you have set up.

  1. Start microDisplay X.
  2. Load an applet as described in Initial System Test.
  3. Under Applet Layout/Global, click Grabber Events.

    Grabber Events

  4. Under Parameter Selection, select the events you want to have logged.
    In the example below, the events start of frame and end of frame on camera port A are selected for being logged:

    Parameter Selection

  5. Start image acquisition.
    The log is visible in the logging pane below the Grabber Events tab:

    Logging Pane

    If you switch to another tab in the logging frame, the number of grabber events you missed after leaving tab Grabber Events is displayed directly on the tab:

    Missed Events


To read individual lines of the log while the logging is taking place, you can stop the running through of lines. Right-click the lines. In the context menu, click Auto Scrolling Enabled to stop auto scrolling.

Disable Auto Scrolling