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Framegrabber API History#

Changes from Framegrabber Version 5.7 to 5.9#

Changes to the Frame Grabber Library fglib5#

  • The functions Fg_getIntSystemInformationForBoardIndex(), Fg_getInt64SystemInformationForBoardIndex(), Fg_getStringSystemInformationForBoardIndex, Fg_getIntSystemInformationForFgHandle(), Fg_getInt64SystemInformationForFgHandle() and Fg_getStringSystemInformationForFgHandle documented in chapter System Information wrap calls to Fg_getSystemInformation() for type-safety.
  • The function Fg_getParameterTypeById() documented in chapter Working with Applet Parameters provides the type of an applet parameter.
  • The functions Fg_getParameterPropertyWithType() and Fg_getParameterPropertyWithTypeEx() documented in chapter Working with Applet Parameters wrap calls to Fg_getParameterProperty() and Fg_getParameterPropertyEx(), respectively.
  • The functions Fg_registerApcHandlerEx() and Fg_unregisterApcHandler() documented in chapter Image Acquisition wrap calls to Fg_registerApcHandler().
  • FG_IMAGE_NUMBER provides the frame number of a buffer when calling Fg_getParameterEx() as documented in chapter Image Acquisition.
  • When using asynchronous mode in the blocking acquisition model ACQ_BLOCK, the function Fg_getImageEx() is called in the acquisition loop provided by the Framegrabber API as documented in chapter Image Acquisition.
  • The selective acquisition model ACQ_SELECT documented in chapter Image Acquisition provides a GenICam compliant acqusition model.
  • The function Fg_unregisterEventHandler() documented in chapter Applet Events wraps calls to Fg_registerEventHandler() to unregister an event handler. The type struct fg_event_data has been removed and pointers replaced by void * to allow the user more flexibility for providing context information when handling events.

Changes to the Camera Control Library siso_genicam#

  • Manual discovery is no longer supported by the Framegrabber API.
  • The functions Sgc_scanPorts() and Sgc_scanPortsEx() documented in chapter Camera Discovery no longer perform the discovery directly but rather start a backround thread. Calling the function multiple times will not result in restarting the discovery. The function Sgc_scanPortsEx() can be used to restart the discovery by passing SGC_SP_FLAG_RESET_DISCOVERY_INFOS in the parameter flags.
  • The function Sgc_getCameraCount() documented in the chapter Camera Discovery returns the number of cameras found during the discovery process and not the maximum number of cameras supported by the applet.
  • The information previously available through the function Sgc_getCameraInfo() has been added to the function Sgc_getCameraPropertyWithType() documented in the chapter Camera Information. The function Sgc_updateCameraInfos() can be used after changing the camera user identifier to inform the Framegrabber API about the changes.
  • The function Sgc_registerBoardEventCallback() documented in chapter Registering a Callback Function for Discovery Events provides a new way of monitoring dynamic discovery of cameras or link loss.