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Changes and Fixed Issues in Framegrabber SDK 5.11.2#

This section provides information about changes and fixed issues for the Basler Framegrabber SDK version 5.11.2.

CLSerCOMWrapper2 / ClComDriver#

The CLSerCOMWrapper2 has been replaced by the ClComDriver. Before installing Framegrabber SDK 5.11.2 with ClCom support, you must uninstall all old instances of ClSerCOMWrapper1/2/3. For more details, see Installing the Basler CLComDriver Under Windows.

Linux Driver#

The Linux driver can now be built on kernel versions 6.3 and newer.

Fixed Issues#

  • Before, calling Fg_setStatusEx when queueing a buffer and using ACQ_SELECT at high frame rates could have led to error -1. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 285576)
  • Before, when connecting CXP cameras with more than one link to a mE5 marathon ACX-DP, QP or VCX-QP, sometimes the camera was not detected or was detected with the wrong number of links. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 284092)
  • Before, the CIS Area Scan camera was not found during camera discovery. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 282915)
  • Before, when calling Fg_unregisterApcHandler(), the function did always wait for the number of seconds specified as timeout before registering the APC. This has been fixed. (Ticket-ID: 291818)
  • Before, after booting with Fast Boot enabled on Windows, microEnable 5 frame grabbers always showed partition 0 as boot partition, even if another partition was defined as boot partition before booting. Also, the boot partition couldn't be changed, and the serial number wasn't displayed correctly. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID 272272)