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Changes and Fixed Issues in Framegrabber SDK 5.11.0#

This section provides information about changes and fixed issues for the Basler Framegrabber SDK version 5.11.0.


  • Updated the Visual Studio Redistribution packages.
  • Integrated the new version 5.3.0 of the Linux driver for marathon hardware redesign (SPI).
  • Integrated the new version 2.2.0 of the Windows driver mE5 for marathon hardware redesign (SPI).
  • Reduced the number of used file handles on Linux.
  • Added support for kernel 5.19 in the Linux driver.

GenTL Producer#

  • Connection Test Mode is now available as required by the CXP standard.
  • Added the Automatic Tap Geometry checkbox to the device in the GenTL Producer.
  • The GenTL Producer now provides CameraLink support via GenCP.


  • Updated line scan applets for CXP-12 Interface Card 1C/2C/4C.
  • Updated line scan applets for imaWorx.
  • Updated line scan applets for mE5 frame grabbers.
  • Added support for tap geometry 1X-2YE to the following applets:
    • Single area applets for CXP-12 Interface Card 2C/4C and imaWorx
    • Dual area applets for CXP-12 Interface Card 4C and imaWorx

Framegrabber API#

  • Added the Sgc_getFloatValueLimits() fglib function.
  • Changed fglib update URLs to

microDiagnostics and microDisplay X#

  • Removed the buffer limit of 1024 in microDisplay X.

Fixed Issues#

  • Before, the GenTL BUFFER_INFO_FRAME_ID setting that can be queried via DSGetBufferInfo didn't contain the source tag from the CXP image header. Instead, it contained a counter for all frames that had been delivered to the computer. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 197430)
  • Before, the applet iterator reported an incorrect number of DMAs for HAP files in the Fg_Helpers project and in the GenTL Producer. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 273806)
  • Before, the siso_genicam library was limited to a maximum number of CXP 1.0 tentative ACKs. This caused performance issues. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 274500)
  • Before, running the C# wrapper could lead to a fatal error message. This has been fixed by improving the event handling in the C# wrapper. (Ticket ID: 271951)
  • Before, the driver automatically enabled PoCXP whenever the CXP ports were reset. This happened, e.g., when the last application detached itself from the driver. This has been fixed. Now, the PoCXP state only changes when configured by the user. (Ticket ID: 273905)
  • Fixed range verification when reading values from the camera. Before, the GenAPI cache in the GenTL Producer was incorrectly taken into account when verifying the min/max value range (IntegerT::GetValue(bool Verify, bool IgnoreCache) function). This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 271134)
  • Before, the GenTL Producer showed a blue screen when high frame rates were used on an mE5 frame grabber. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 262624)
  • The Framegrabber SDK version 5.10.0 only detected cameras if they were connected in the correct link order. This has been fixed. Now, discovery detects CXP cameras correctly independent of the link order. (Ticket ID: 259300)
  • Before, calling the GPIO Tool on Linux returned an "Invalid board index" error, even if a correct ID had been provided. This has been fixed. The GPIO Tool was moved from the /bin directory into the subdirectory /impl. A script named gpioTool in the /bin directory now calls the application after setting the appropriate environment variable. (Ticket ID: 256141)