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Accessing Parameters via Framegrabber API (microDisplay X)#

You can access all frame grabber and GenICam compatible camera parameters via the Framegrabber API.

microDisplay X provides you with a getter/setter code example for each parameter.

To view the getter/setter code example for a parameter:

  1. Start microDisplay X.
  2. Select the frame grabber you want to work with from the list in the left upper corner.
  3. Select one of the listed applets via double-click. The applet is loaded.
  4. Select an active acquisition channel (DMA) or a connected camera (Cam).

    Parameter Details

  5. Select the parameter.

  6. Click the Details button.
    A new dialog opens, displaying additional parameter information and the example code.
  7. Copy the displayed code to the clipboard by clicking the Copy to Clipboard button.

    Parameter Details