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Version 07 (May 2022)#

Version 06 (April 2022)#

  • Updated VisualApplets documentation to VisualApplets version 3.3.1. For a complete list of changes, see the release notes.

Version 05 (January 2022)#

  • Updated the "Which Xilinx Toolchain and Version for Which Frame Grabber Platform" table in the Installing VisualApplets topic:
    • Added mE4 platforms
    • Corrected information regarding Webpack licenses for ironman platforms
    • All platforms can be built with evaluation license

Version 04 (November 2021)#

Version 03 (October 2021)#

  • Revised the Installing VisualApplets topic.
  • Removed the following discontinued products from the documentation:
    • microEnable IV AQ4-GE
    • microEnable IV AQ4-GPoE
    • microEnable IV VQ4-GE
    • microEnable IV VQ4-GPoE

Version 02 (August 2021)#

  • Updated VisualApplets documentation to VisualApplets version 3.3.0.
  • Adapted VisualApplets documentation further to Basler's documentation style.

Version 01 (February 2021)#

Initial version of this documentation.

Content is based on the "VisualApplets" topic of the Basler Product Documentation (AW001406), version 45, with the following changes:

  • Updated design and wording in line with Basler's documentation style.