Runtime Software - Third-Party Licenses

The frame grabber runtime environment (Frame Grabber Runtime Software) contains and uses some code not developed by Basler and/or Basler AG. This section and its subsections list the licenses used and names the authors.

The installation package contains the null-modem emulator Com0Com. The corresponding license information can be found in section 6. Furthermore, within the GUI tool microDiagnostics, system information can be investigated and displayed based on the results of the third party tool CPU-Z. CFU-Z is installed during the usual Runtime 5 installation process. The license agreement of CPU-Z can be found in section 7. The log message system of the Basler runtime is partly based on log4cxx. Log4cxx is a C++ adaptation of Log4j and part of the Apache Logging Services project of the Apache Software Foundation. You find the according license agreement in section 8.

Please note that libraries stated as "not distributed" for a specific platform are not part of the Basler runtime distribution packages for the given platform. The software is dynamically linked against those libraries and expects them to be present in the system. Those libraries are provided by all Linux distributions.

Libraries stated as "not used" on a specific platform are neither distributed nor used or linked again on the given platform.