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Basler Standard Light Spot-26FWHM-x#

Basler Standard Spotlights can be used to illuminate objects at long distances.

Basler Standard Light Spot

Key Features#

  • Internal LED Controller with 2 operating modes
  • Compatible with Basler SLP Strobe Controller
  • Preconfigured hardware components
  • Various sizes and LED colors

General Specifications#

Basler Standard Light Spot-26FWHM-Red Basler Standard Light Spot-26FWHM-White Basler Standard Light Spot-26FWHM-Blue Basler Standard Light Spot-26FWHM-Infrared
Order Number 2200000856 2200000752 2200000825 2200000887
LED Color Red White Blue Infrared
Beam Angle 26 ° 26 ° 26 ° 26 °

LED Specifications#

Spotlight Series 26FWHMx
Luminous Power of
White LEDs (lumen)
Radiant Power of
Red LEDs (mW)
Radiant Power of
IR LEDs (mW)

Electrical Specifications#

Spotlight Series 26FWHMx
Required Power for Voltage Control Mode 24 VDC ± 10 %,
8 W
Required Current for Current Control Mode 600 mA
Recommended max. LED Current, Strobe Mode 200 %
(30 % Duty Cycle, 30 ms Pulses)
1200 mA
Recommended max. LED Current, Strobe Mode 300 %
(20 % Duty Cycle, 10 ms Pulses)
1800 mA

Mechanical Specifications#

Spotlight Series 26FWHMx
(H x W x D)
56 x 46 x 46 mm
Weight 200 g
Material Anodized aluminum housing with PMMA light cover
Connector M8 socket, 4-pin male connector

Spotlight Dimensions#

Basler Standard Spotlight 26FWHMx

Environmental Requirements#

Temperature During Operation 10–30 °C (50–86 °F)
Humidity During Operation 30–70 %

General Information#

RoHS Compliance Yes
KC Compliance Yes
CE Conformity Yes
UKCA Conformity Yes
Protection Rating IP54
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