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Basler Standard Lights#

Basler's standard light portfolio includes bar lights, ring lights, backlights, flat dome lights, dome lights, dark field lights, spotlights, and coaxial lights. The lights are available in various sizes and with different LED colors.

Basler Standard Lights offer two operating modes: a voltage control mode and a current control mode. In voltage control mode, the internal controller is used. To operate the lights in current control mode, an external controller is required. The lights can be controlled with the Light Control feature set via the pylon software when using the Basler SLP Strobe Controller.

The lights are available with LEDs in four different colors: red, white, blue, and infrared. The LED color is part of the product name. For example, the Basler Standard Light Bar-10x100-Red has red LEDs.

Basler Standard Lights

Light Types#

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