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Basler Standard Light Dark Field-75OD-x#

Basler Standard Dark Field Lights can be used in various applications for dark field lighting.

Basler Standard Light Dark Field

Key Features#

  • Internal LED Controller with 2 operating modes
  • Compatible with Basler SLP Strobe Controller
  • Preconfigured hardware components
  • Various sizes and LED colors

General Specifications#

Basler Standard Light Dark Field-75OD-Red Basler Standard Light Dark Field-75OD-White Basler Standard Light Dark Field-75OD-Blue Basler Standard Light Dark Field-75OD-Infrared
Order Number 2200000850 2200000746 2200000819 2200000881
LED Color Red White Blue Infrared
Luminous Area (outer diameter) 75 mm 75 mm 75 mm 75 mm

LED Specifications#

Dark Field Light Series 75ODx
Luminous Power of
White LEDs (lumen)
Radiant Power of
Red LEDs (mW)
Radiant Power of
IR LEDs (mW)

Electrical Specifications#

Dark Field Light Series 75ODx
Required Power for Voltage Control Mode 24 VDC ± 5 %,
6 W
Required Current for Current Control Mode 300 mA
Recommended max. LED Current, Strobe Mode 200 %
(30 % Duty Cycle, 30 ms Pulses)
600 mA
Recommended max. LED Current, Strobe Mode 300 %
(20 % Duty Cycle, 10 ms Pulses)
900 mA

Mechanical Specifications#

Dark Field Light Series 75ODx
(H x W x D)
130 x 141 x 12 mm
Weight 330 g
Material Black anodized aluminum housing with internal PMMA light guide
Connector M8 socket, 4-pin male connector

Dark Field Light Dimensions#

Basler Standard Light Darkfield 75OD

Connector Pin Numbering#

Connector Pin Numbering Basler Standard Light


The pin assignment of the light's connector differs depending on whether you want to use the internal or an external controller. For more information, see the respective tables in the Installation chapter.

Environmental Requirements#

Temperature During Operation 10–30 °C (50–86 °F)
Humidity During Operation 30–70 %

General Information#

RoHS Compliance Yes
KC Compliance Yes
CE Conformity Yes
UKCA Conformity Yes
Protection Rating IP54
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